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Roma (or Plum) Tomatoes

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics and best uses of Roma (or Plum) Tomatoes , one of six Plant Profiles featured in our Tomato Collection.

Piccadilly Tomatoes Close-Up

Piccadilly Plum Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes, also known as Plum tomatoes, are full of flavor with a tangy, garden-fresh tomato taste. Roma tomatoes are ideal for making delicious stews, sauces, or even tomato paste. For an even more intense flavor, try roasting Roma tomatoes in the oven and using them for tomato pesto or bruschetta that has a bit of a kick. Big on sweetness, and with considerable acidity, Roma tomatoes have lower moisture and water content compared to most other tomatoes—so, Roma tomatoes work well when canned, paired on the grill with meats or other vegetables, or used in a fresh tomato soup.


  • Meaty and with few seeds
  • Dense and grainy flesh
  • Firm and full of tangy flavor
  • Well balance with garden-fresh taste
  • Perfect for sauces, salads, and sandwiches

Have you grown Roma tomatoes? Are they easy to tend and harvest? Please tell us about your experiences growing Roma tomatoes.


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