Reach Engaged Consumers with the ‘Sponsor Our Community’ Program!

How to get your products and services in front of a ready, willing, and able-to-buy audience—while helping support our community of gardeners and cooking enthusiasts.

Dear Future Sponsor,

Do you have products or services that are appealing to a highly motivated consumer audience? As we’ve discovered, food gardeners on our list are interested in all sorts of things—from seeds and gardening tools (obviously) to crafting, cooking, reading, wood-working, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, and health and nutrition.

Do your brand’s products and services align with our audience of passionate food gardeners? Do you want to make more money and land new high-value customers with an effective and easy-to-implement program? And do you want to help support our community of avid gardeners and cooks by becoming a sponsor? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then please continue reading to find out how this opportunity is right for you!

Whether you sell seeds, tools, crafting projects, kitchen gadgets, home furnishings—and more—you can find new buyers for your products and services on our list, by signing up for Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program.

What is Food Gardening Network?

Let’s start with the basics, to be sure that this “Sponsor Our Community” Program is well aligned with your organization’s objectives to reach our motivated audience—and to support our committed community of gung-ho gardeners and practical and creative cooks.

Food Gardening Network was founded by home food gardeners and for home food gardeners—our mission is to serve gardeners with tips, tools, advice, and recipes for growing and enjoying good food at home.

In the spring of 2020—as a health pandemic started to grip the world—a group of home food gardeners got together on a virtual-meeting platform, seeking to connect and share ideas about how to weather the storm. And it was unanimous! Food gardening mattered even more than ever to all of them—some had already started to ramp up their food-gardening efforts by expanding their gardens to grow a wider variety of items.

But, what struck this avid band of food gardeners most was that no single reliable resource existed for getting advice about planning, planting, growing, tending, harvesting, and cooking home-garden foods. Yes, some resources covered various aspects—but no single, all-in-one-place online resource existed to support a community of food gardeners in their quest to grow and enjoy good food.

Make Money and Support Our Community!

Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program: Media Kit

Sign up for Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program today, and get your products and services marketed to an engaged consumer audience. Please contact us to reserve your spot.

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And so, Food Gardening Network was born! A true community-focused effort to support home food gardeners with the best advice around!

From vegetables and fruits and grains to herbs and spices, Food Gardening Network teaches gardeners all the special techniques for optimizing their gardens so they can enjoy better-tasting, better-quality foods—while also saving money! By following Food Gardening Network’s advice, our readers are more productive, spend more time outdoors, avoid lurking grocery-store food contaminations, and grow and eat locally.

Food Gardening Network is the premier resource for food gardeners of all skill levels, for creating and maintaining their own food garden at home—with everything they need to ensure they grow, harvest, and enjoy fabulous food!

And Food Gardening Network is a unique resource because it includes not only all the gardening tips and advice for growing good foods, but members also get tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes for enjoying the fruits of their labor.

What is Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program?

Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program is specifically designed for busy marketers who want to generate additional revenue by reaching a fresh, new audience of targeted prospects to buy your products and services—and to provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your support for our committed community of gardeners and cooks.

Available spaces in the “Sponsor Our Community” Program are limited, and you can commit to a one-time test effort—or sign up for an entire year at a big discount. But, we are very selective about who is allowed to become a sponsor of our community—we don’t just want run-of-the-mill marketers trying to hawk their wares. We seek like-minded partners who want to help underwrite this burgeoning community by becoming a sponsor.

Think about sponsors of roads and highways in your area—local businesses step up to help keep the roads litter-free, for example, in exchange for being featured as a sponsor with signage. Everybody benefits!

And our program is a two-way street, too—you benefit, our community benefits. When you join the “Sponsor Our Community” Program, you’re making a commitment that shows you care about our audience—and you get the chance to showcase your products and services, all to benefit the larger Food Gardening Network community.

As long as you act quickly, you can reserve a prime spot in the “Sponsor Our Community” Program that includes dedicated custom email broadcasts of your products and services to our highly qualified list—plus, you get text ads in our e-newsletters and prime placement of your ad at our website.

Gardening is a wide-spread interest, and it’s growing. And food gardening itself has become a practical outlet for many consumers as a way to control what they eat, save money, and nurture a budding hobby. And here is a quick profile of who is on our Food Gardening Network list:

  • 250,000+ opted-in email members
  • 87% female
  • 96% Age 45+
  • Average Household Income: $64,381/year
  • 84% are homeowners
  • Where do they live?
    • South: 28%
    • Midwest: 20%
    • West: 20%
    • Northeast: 17%
    • Canada: 14%
  • 84% are proven online buyers in the last 12 months

Make Money and Support Our Community!

Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program: Media Kit

Sign up for Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program today, and get your products and services marketed to an engaged consumer audience. Please contact us to reserve your spot.

Schedule My Review Session Now!

And here are some comments from Food Gardening Network members, to give you an idea about what types of people are on our list:

“These systems are really cool. Where do you get your seed? Thank you for all the information!”

“Thank you so very much. I am enjoying these gardening ideas and information very much.”

“Wonderful information, looking forward to the next growing season. We love the large tomatoes.”

“Thank you for the information. I will certainly use the garlic pesticide. I have tried everything else. I do not use Roundup. I do use Sevin Dust. I am afraid to even use that. I have animals.”

“Thank you for the information. With my health concerns, it is imperative that we eat better.”

“I love all your wonderful ways you present your gardening hints. I am really enjoying your site!”

The “Sponsor Our Community” Program is a great way for you to make money, save time, quickly find new buyers for your products and services, and support our engaged community of gardeners and cooks!

How Does the “Sponsor Our Community” Program Work?

Once you reserve your spot, you just have to deliver your creative to us for deployment—by the deadlines. When you’re a sponsor, the “Sponsor Our Community” Program will generate new-found revenue for you, deliver new customers with highly desired lifetime value for you, and showcase your company as caring for our community of gardeners and cooks. You can’t beat that!

And one of the best things about the “Sponsor Our Community” Program: It’s repeatable and can become a regular source of revenue for you!

Where Do I Sign Up for Food Gardening Network’s “Sponsor Our Community” Program?

This is the easy part—just click here to view our latest Media Kit for our “Sponsor Our Community” Program, including all the details and pricing for this program. After reviewing our Media Kit, please contact us to chat further or immediately reserve your spot in this program..

Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Christy Page
Sponsorship & Operations Director
Food Gardening Network

P.S. Please take a few moments to think about this revenue-generating opportunity for you—and click here to schedule a chat with me and to reserve your spot in the “Sponsor Our Community” Program!

P.P.S. And we’re also available to review and guide you about best marketing practices to optimize your sponsorship efforts—we have decades of direct-marketing experience and we can even help you create and design your pieces to maximize revenue for you. Please contact us now to reserve your spot in this “Sponsor Our Community” Program!