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In the articles below, discover how to choose, save, grow, and nourish seeds and seedlings for your fruit and vegetable gardens.

When figuring out how to select good seeds for planting, there are a few variables to consider, like where the seeds came from and how old they are. There are some guidelines for identifying the good seeds and steering clear of the bad ones. One example: grocery store produce—their seeds are often sterile. If you find a beautiful heirloom tomato at the farmer’s market on the other hand – those seeds are likely more viable.

But there’s also a lot to learn about growing seedlings. It’s not always just a simple process of planting a seed in some dirt and watching it grow – in fact, it rarely ever is. Most gardeners who grow from seed use heating mats and grow lights, and germinate seeds indoors in early spring. But some plants, like strawberries, for example, are a pain to grow from seed and take so long to produce that most go right for the pre-grown plants at their local gardening store. Knowing that before you try to grow from seed could save you a lot of time and stress.

And sure, some gardeners start seeds outdoors, but there are only specific vegetables that will tolerate it, and you need to know which ones those are or, again, you’ll be sitting in a garden filled with empty rows of dirt instead of a bountiful food garden.

In the articles below, we dive into everything you need to know about growing seeds and planting seedlings. And you can learn even more in our How to Grow a Vegetable Garden: 10 Things Every Gardener Needs to Know Before Starting a Food Garden freebie. Enjoy!

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