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Grape Tomatoes

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics and best uses of Grape Tomatoes , one of our Plant Profiles featured in our Tomato Collection.

Grape or cherry tomatoes isolated on white background.

Grape Tomatoes

Crisp and crunchy, Grape tomatoes come in a variety of colors that range from red, yellow, orange, and brown and to pink! Grape tomatoes have varying flavor, too, from sweet to tangy. With sturdier skin, Grape tomatoes hold their meaty texture when cooked. This makes them a great addition to a main dinner dish—when you’re roasting them in the oven, tossing them into your pasta, or adding a colorful side to your steak, chicken, or fish. Whether you prefer a red Grape’s candy-like sweetness or the tangy kick of a yellow Grape, these tomatoes are also great for snacking on raw—perfect for tomato lovers who just can’t get enough!

Sun Exposure

  • Full sun (six to eight hours)

Soil pH

  • 6.0 to 6.8
  • fertile, well-drained

Hardiness Zones

  • 2 to 11


  • plant 3 to 5 feet apart for optimal growth and air circulation


  • Water 1-2 inches per week
  • Consistent moisture keeps fruit from cracking and encourages deep roots


  • Oblong or oval shape, like a grape
  • Crispy and crunchy
  • Meaty and versatile for eating and cooking
  • Sweet to tangy in taste
  • Perfect acid-to-sugar ratio for a rich taste
  • Great for sandwiches, salads, cooking, grilling, roasting, and snacking

Have you tried growing grape tomatoes? How do you use them? Please tell us your experiences growing grape tomatoes.


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