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Classifications of Tomato Plants

Determinate Tomato Plants

For descriptive growing purposes, tomatoes are grouped into two classifications—determinate and indeterminate.

Determinate tomato plants

Determinate tomato plants are bushy and grow to about 3 to 5 feet and top off at that height. Determinate tomato plants tend to deliver their harvest all at once in about four to six weeks after planting. Because of the all-at-once-crop, they make for great container gardening and are convenient for canning purposes, too.

Indeterminate tomato plants grow as vines, don’t top off, and continuously produce tomatoes throughout the season until frost or disease kills the plants. Most heirloom varieties are indeterminate plants, and home gardeners favor indeterminate tomato plants to ensure ripe harvests all season long.

You should decide what classification of tomato plants best fits your space, harvesting goals, and gardening style.

Which class of tomato plants do you grow—determinate or indeterminate? Please tell us why you’ve chosen your class of tomatoes to grow.


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