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Fabulous Fennel: All You Need to Know about Planting, Harvesting, and Cooking this Unique Flavorful Food

In this month’s Food Gardening Magazine, you get access to our Fennel Collection, with everything you need to know about planting fennel, growing fennel, and harvesting fennel—fennel in the garden is a harvest you’ll look forward to!

With fennel’s unique and flavorful taste, you may have a hard time waiting for fennel harvest time. And you’ll never buy fennel at the store again when you’re harvesting all year long!

We’ve got you covered from planting through harvesting and cooking! We have all the guidelines you need to start growing fennel in the garden. We write about fennel planting season and the ideal fennel growing conditions, so you know the best way to grow fennel.

Plus, you get specific advice about growing fennel indoors—and why growing fennel in containers can be a really great idea for getting your fennel started! Get the details on fennel varieties, fennel plant spacing, fennel companion plants, and what to expect in the different fennel growing stages. With our fennel varieties list, you’re sure to find a fennel plant that’s perfect for your garden!

This collection about fennel is your #1 guide for being the best fennel gardener you can be! You should refer to this collection whenever you have questions about your fennel garden—from planning to planting and from maintaining and nurturing to harvesting and reaping the rewards in your kitchen.

First, you get a complete Introduction to Fennel—including the history and background of this member of the carrot family. Fennel is not a root vegetable, though, because the bulb of fennel grows above ground. Fennel got started in the temperate climate of the Mediterranean in sometimes-sandy soil. And now, fennel is grown all over the world in all types of conditions!

And, with fennel bulbs, stalks, fronds, flowers, and seeds, you can use every part of the fennel plant for your cooking needs—as a vegetable, herb, or spice! Not many plants can make this claim!

Then, you get Feature Articles about Fennel that include:

Next, this premium collection highlights six popular fennel varieties to help you choose the type you want to grow—this is just a sampling of the many varieties available:

And all your fennel-gardening efforts are so much more satisfying when you have quick and easy-to-make recipes, to ensure your harvest gets the credit it deserves at the dinner table. Food Gardening Network is all about providing simple recipes for making outstanding dishes. Try these recipes and enjoy your fennel harvest:

Next, you’ll learn all about the health benefits of fennel with Nutrition Facts about Fennel and Health Benefits of Fennel. Learn the facts about fennel’s nutrients and how fennel can help with bone health, blood pressure, and heart health.

And to be sure you have everything you need to grow your own fennel, we’ve included a Resources about Fennel section—so that you can easily find additional tools and information about fennel.

Finally, our Fennel Glossary section gives you the explanation of key fennel-gardening terms and concepts—so, you’re never in the dark or confused about important fennel-gardening ideas.

Check out this premium collection now—Fabulous Fennel: All You Need to Know about Planting, Harvesting, and Cooking this Unique Flavorful Food—and you’ll really learn everything you need to know about fennel!

Norann Oleson, Victoria Arnold, and Samantha Pulcherz contributed to the creation of this collection.


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