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Fennel is Not Such a ‘Friendly Plant’

Fennel on its own, away from other plants

Fennel on its own, away from other plants


Fennel’s strong aroma and flavor make it a garden favorite. Unfortunately, those same attributes make it a poor companion plant—fennel is not a very “friendly” plant for other crops.

Fennel companion planting options are limited, so we strongly recommend that you consider what plants do not do well when planted near fennel (eggplant, beans, and tomatoes don’t like fennel near them, for example).

Fennel companion planting generally only works when growing dill. However, even dill is a poor choice because the two herbs tend to cross-pollinate.

Best Solution: Find space in your garden, away from everything else, to plant your fennel. The fennel will love it, and the other plants will appreciate it!

Have you had any trouble with fennel and companion plants in your garden? Tell us your experiences by commenting below.


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