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Jan/Feb 2021 Table of Contents

It’s a new year and hopefully yours is off to a great start. Even though it’s just the turn of a calendar page, there’s something about a new year that gives us a fresh perspective. Of course, around here that means looking at fresh new recipe ideas and sharing them with you. And I have…  READ MORE right arrow


What may look like an indulgent chocolate dessert is really a healthy breakfast! With greek yogurt as the base and topped with granola, fresh fruit and pistachios, this breakfast bark is a great way to enjoy yogurt on-the-go.  READ MORE right arrow
Cauliflower is the secret to a healthier cheese soup. Low in calories and with 0 grams of fat, the addition of cauliflower lets you enjoy the rich flavor of aged cheddar cheese without the guilt. Add in some thyme, onions, shallots, black pepper for a flavorful soup with lots of health benefits.  READ MORE right arrow
Roasting veggies is a wonderful way to get your recommended servings per day! Plus, with the addition of chicken, this recipe makes a complete meal in about 20 minutes. Customize it with your favorite veggies and spices.  READ MORE right arrow
Update the typical sugar cookie with a dash of espresso and top with your favorite caramel or chocolate syrups. Did we mention that these go great with coffee?  READ MORE right arrow

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