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Romanesco Heirloom Fennel

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics and best uses of Romanesco Fennel, one of seven Plant Profiles featured in our Fennel Collection.

Romanesco Heirloom Fennel

Romanesco Heirloom Fennel

Romanesco Fennel is a Florence Fennel heirloom variety—the “bulbing” type of fennel that grows easily and that reliably produces pastel-green oval bulbs and feathery tops. Use the crispy bulbs in a salad, when sliced raw, or you can grill, roast, or sauté them for a juicy, sweet anise flavor to go with other vegetables as a side dish. The feathery and leafy tops can be used as herb seasoning when chopped and spread over some salmon, for example.


  • Grows up to 5 feet tall and 1½ feet across
  • Long, fine, dark-green feathery tops
  • Plant after danger of hard frost is over
  • Likes fertile soil and full sun
  • Can be started from seeds indoors
  • Heavy feeder, so fertilize every 2-3 weeks with high-nitrogen fertilizer
  • Moderate to high-level watering requirements
  • Sweet anise-celery flavor

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