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The Right Sunlight for Your Scallions

Scallions in a full-sun location

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Scallion plants need a lot of sun, at least six to eight hours of full daily sun exposure. Review your garden area’s sun exposure to plan to the best location for your scallions. If you’re planting in containers, check your deck for sun time and make a plan to keep your scallions happy.

If you’re growing your scallions indoors with natural light, look for a window that gets the right amount of light. If you’re using lights to grow your scallions, be sure to provide lots of light time—and dark time, just as if they were outside.

If your scallions are outside, the morning sunlight will pack the biggest energy punch for your plants. Direct sun is best, but partial shade will do in a pinch; just expect your growing season to be a little longer—like two to three weeks longer.

And it doesn’t matter if your scallions don’t get all their sun all at once. It’s the cumulative time they spend absorbing the nurturing rays of the sun that will keep your scallion crop on the road to a tasty harvest.

How do you ensure that your scallions get the right amount of sunlight? Do you have tips for getting your scallions planted in the right spot for proper amounts of sun and shade? Please tell us how you handle sunlight for your scallions.


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