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The Right Sunlight for Your Pears

Pear tree in full sunlight.

Pear tree in full sunlight.

Pears need a warm, sunny, sheltered place to grow and thrive. Most varieties prefer full sun, but in a spot that will protect them from frost—especially in the spring when the tree is flowering. Nothing says disappointment like pear trees that have lost their blossoms and any chance of producing fruit for the season.

Whether you’re planting your pear trees in open land, in a raised bed, or in containers, make sure they’re getting full sun—at least six hours of sunlight a day. If your trees are potted, you’ll have the option of moving them as needed.

It’s fine to expose your pear trees to morning sunlight, afternoon sunlight, or a combination of both—as long as they get at least six hours.

How do you ensure that your pear trees get the right amount of sunlight? Do you have tips for finding the right spot so your pear tree gets the sun it needs? Please tell us how you handle sunlight for your pear trees.


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