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The Right Sunlight for Your Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprout plant in full sun

Brussels sprout plant in full sun

Brussels sprout plants need a lot of sun, at least six to eight hours of full daily sun exposure. Plant according to the sun’s daily patterns if you’ve planted in open land or in raised beds. With containers or pots, you’ll need to move your plants around to optimize the sun exposure for your growing plants.

Morning sunlight is high-intensity light without the overbearing heat, so this light is best for your Brussels sprout plants if you live in an area that gets hot. Remember, Brussels sprouts prefer cooler climates. You can grow them into zone 9, but you need to keep an eye on them.

In cooler regions of the north, try to get your Brussels sprouts a hefty dose of morning and afternoon sunlight. Avoid the noonday sun completely if you live in a temperate or hot climate zone—you might need to build shade coverings to protect your Brussels sprout plants during the heat of the day.

Brussels sprouts like a temperature range between 45 and 75 degrees F. They’ll tolerate a light frost; in fact, a light frost actually helps improve the flavor of the Brussels sprouts. The plant converts some of its starch to sugar, which acts like a natural antifreeze to protect the sprouts. On the flip side, if your sprouts mature during hot or dry weather, you won’t be happy with your harvest. Your sprouts will be lackluster and bitter.

How do you ensure that your Brussels sprouts get the right amount of sunlight? Do you have tips for getting your Brussels sprouts planted in the right spot for proper amounts of sun and shade? Please tell us how you handle sunlight for your Brussels sprouts.


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