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How—and When—to Water Your Scallion Plants

Watering scallions

Watering scallions

Scallions have a shallow root system, so it’s important to monitor the state of their soil so the plants don’t dry out. On the other hand, you don’t want to overdo it on watering, or the waterlogged roots could begin to rot. When you water, do it at ground level, not with a lawn sprinkler. Remember, it’s the roots that need the water. And spraying over the leaves of the plant could leave them too wet, depending on the time of day; that moisture could open the leaves to infection.

How often you water your scallion plants depends on your location, average temperature and humidity, and how frequently it rains (it’s OK to let Mother Nature do some of the work). If it’s especially hot and dry, keep an eye on your plants. In all, your scallions need about an inch of water a week. To check to see how well-watered your scallions are, you can use a trowel to dig down next to the scallions. The soil should be wet to a depth of about 10 inches for sandy soil, 6 inches for clay soil.

Tip: Early morning is the best time of day to water your scallions. The warming sun will help excess water evaporate from the leaves.

How often do you water your scallion plants? And what time of day do you water? Please tell us how you ensure that your scallion plants get the right amount of water.


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