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How—and When—to Water Your Pear Trees

Pear tree in a summer rain.

Pear tree in a summer rain.

If the region you’re in gets about an inch of rain every 10 days or so during the summer, your tree should be fine. If your weather is drier, watering once every 10 days to two weeks is fine. Water slowly and gradually with a regular hose on a trickle, or use a soaker hose. Slow, gentle watering facilitates strong establishment of the tree roots.

Don’t overwater your tree. When winter comes, make sure the soil around the tree is at the same level of the surrounding soil; this will prevent water from building up into a puddle that could freeze and damage the trunk. In spring, after the last frost, you can adjust the soil border to catch the rain.

How often do you water your pear trees? Please tell us how you ensure that your pear trees get the right amount of water.


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