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Choosing to Grow Brussels Sprouts from Seeds or Seedlings

Planting Brussels sprouts seedlings in the yard

Planting Brussels sprouts seedlings in the yard

Ah, the persistent question: Do I start my Brussels sprouts from seed or do I go to the garden center for seedlings? Part of that depends on the time and space you have for gardening. If you have a spot for getting seedlings started and you’re comfortable with the whole starting-from-seed process, then choose a variety that’s right for your climate and start your own plants. Just make sure you start early enough so that the seedlings are the right age when it’s time to transplant them. Buying seedlings is quicker, but you may have fewer choices on what to plant. Do your research early so you pick the plant and planting process that best suits your gardening style and budget.

When growing from seeds, you’ll need the right tools and a disciplined process for getting from seeds to plants that will produce a good harvest for you.

Besides your seeds, tools might include:

  • Starting soil
  • Containers
  • Widger (a spatula-like tool for lifting seedlings without damaging them)
  • Germination station
  • Grow lights

Depending on your setup situation, you might not need all of these items—or you might be able to do-it-yourself (DIY) on some things. If you choose to grow your Brussels sprouts from seeds, take advantage of all the options to select the varieties that you really want.

Whether you start your Brussels sprouts from seed or seedlings, plan to use special care when transplanting them to the garden. Don’t let the seedlings grow too big to the point that they get root-bound.

Have you tried growing Brussels sprouts from seeds, seedlings, or both? Which method do you prefer—and why? Please tell us how you get your Brussels sprout garden started every year.


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