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A Word About Planning Your Pear Use

Various varieties of pears.

Various varieties of pears.

When you think about how you’ll use your own harvested pears, keep in mind that some pears are more suited for specific uses:

  • Dessert pears: For fresh eating; some European and Asian pears are in this category.
  • Culinary pears: For cooking; these pears don’t ripen to that soft stage that makes for good fresh eating.
  • Dual pears: For eating or cooking; these pears give you more options.

There are a lot of different ways to use pears; we’ll give you a broad sampling of pears that are good for fresh eating, cooking, baking, making preserves, and more in our Plant Profiles section. But that’s still just a sampling of what’s available. Your local extension center will have insight on the ideal pear trees for you based on your garden space and your cooking/canning/eating preferences.

Do you grow different varieties of pears? Which ones do you grow? Please tell us how you use your pear harvest.


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