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Nov/Dec 2021 Table of Contents

Fall is such a great time for food and cooking. From big holiday meals to cookie swaps to cakes and pies, this is a season of joy in the kitchen. That's what we hope you get from the November/December 2021 edition of RecipeLion Magazine. Because if there's one thing we want to share, it's that food is…  READ MORE right arrow


I remember when Frozen Hot Chocolate became a big fad at a place in New York City. The restaurant, Serendipity III, featured this drink, and I wanted nothing more than to try it myself. Like any love story, where someone is meant to find another person despite all the odds, I ended up finding a way to it and have since made it at home as a reminder of the power of persistence.   READ MORE right arrow
Caramel is super easy to make, and with a hint of sea salt, this delicious treat will not be made just once. Upon first bite, the salt opens up your taste buds and gets your tongue ready for the chewy, gooey caramel.  READ MORE right arrow

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