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Tatuma Squash

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics and best uses of Tatuma Squash, one of six Plant Profiles featured in our Summer Squash Collection.

Tatuma Squash

Tatuma Squash

Tatuma squash is also known as “calabacita” and is a Mexican heirloom variety. They’re pumpkin-shaped and taste best when no bigger than a softball, although larger ones can be grated to make a quick bread. It’s also good as a zucchini substitute with strong flavor. Tatuma has good disease and insect resistance, and is heat tolerant.


  • Has firm flesh and thin skin, sweeter and more flavorful than other summer squash
  • Produces vigorous, sprawling vines that can grow to 12 feet long
  • Is greenish-gray or darker green with pale stripes

Have you ever eaten tatuma squash? Do you like it more or less than other summer squash? Please tell us how you like to eat it.


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