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Unwrap More Than 25 Joyous Holiday Recipes!

Fall is such a great time for food and cooking. From big holiday meals to cookie swaps to cakes and pies, this is a season of joy in the kitchen. That’s what we hope you get from the November/December 2021 edition of RecipeLion Magazine. Because if there’s one thing we want to share, it’s that food is a time for joy and celebration.

And even though we aren’t back to hosting the big get togethers, we can still bake cookies for our neighbors, package up candies for the kids’ teachers, and enjoy a nice family meal.

So if you’re looking for something to share with others or you just want a treat for yourself, check out some of the recipes in the latest issue of RecipeLion Magazine.

Cookies for Sharing

Some may call this season fall. Others say autumn or early winter. I call it cookie season! Let’s be honest, I bet we all bake more cookies in November and December than the rest of the year combined. Although, maybe we should all bake more cookies throughout the year?

  • Chewy Molasses Cookies: These soft, chewy cookies store well, which makes them a prime cookie jar treat. The combi­nation of sweet molasses and dry mustard makes for the perfect flavor pairing—trust me! Plus, if you want to really fancy them up, spread ice cream between two of the cookies to create your very own ice cream sandwich.
  • Stained Glass Window CookiesIf you’re looking for the best no-bake cookie recipe to bring to your holiday festivities, these classy treats are just what you need! The shredded coconut reminds me of a peaceful winter night when, for a moment, everything feels just right.
  • Toffee Butter Icebox CookiesIcebox cookies are just what you need to have around when you’re in a baking bind. If you’re ex­pecting guests and have plenty of other courses to cook, then you can save a bit of time by prep­ping the cookie dough in advance, so you only need to slice and bake!

Flavors of the Season

‘Tis the season for pumpkins, pecans, chocolate, and all those warm, spicy flavors that keep us going on chilly days.

  • The Best Pumpkin Mug CakeWhen it’s too late in the season for fresh pumpkin, this is the recipe I turn to for a little fall-like pick-me-up.
  • Mini Pumpkin PiesThis little treat is chilled and as smooth as pudding. It’s a cinnamon-flavored creamy custard that will make you crave the beloved holiday pie year-round.
  • Pecan DreamThis is seriously one of the best foods I have ever made. I was trying to eat fewer sweets, but that didn’t work out so well. I was shocked by the deliciousness of this dessert and proceeded to eat it every day until it was all gone. Try it and you’ll see!
  • Frozen Hot ChocolateI know this sounds like a contradictory dessert. But it’s perfect on those late fall days where the temperature pops up, and you still want that classic hot chocolate taste. This one’s good in the summer, too, so keep it bookmarked!

Homemade Candies

There’s something magical about homemade candies. Maybe it’s because so few people make them or because they’re perfect when you just want a little treat. I don’t know for sure what it is, but what I do know is there so much easier to make than I realized.

  • Sea Salted CaramelsCaramel is super easy to make, and with a hint of sea salt, I promise you’ll make this delicious treat more than once.
  • Almond BrittleNeed a little something to go for your dinner guests? This crunchy almond-coated treat is one that everyone tends to love. They’re super easy to make and so cute wrapped up individually and tied with a pretty ribbon.

Easy Holiday Feasts

The holidays aren’t only about dessert. Put these main courses and sides on your table and watch the smiles grow as people dig in.

  • Honey-Glazed Spiral HamIn the 1950s and ’60s, large roasted meats were the most efficient way to feed the entire family. Plus, you’d wind up with plenty of leftovers that you could use in sandwiches or cook into other meals, so it was a win-win. Still is.
  • Holiday Sweet Potato CasseroleDid you know that marshmallows have magical invisibility powers? The reason we wait until the very end of the baking time to add marshmallows to a casserole is that if they’re baked slightly over the toasted browning phase, they will disappear! Yes, vanish. This isn’t a bad thing; they’ll still coat the top of these delicious sweet potatoes either way.
  • Maple-Glazed CarrotsThese surprisingly simple maple-glazed carrots are sweet and savory. You can play with the flavors by switching in honey for the syrup or using different herbs such as dill or even cilantro.

I hope you enjoy the latest issue of RecipeLion Magazine as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. We’re so happy to be here cooking with you and we’re looking forward to many more recipes, dishes, and meals to share. 

Happy cooking—and happy eating!

Kim Mateus

Editor & Publisher

P.S. Please enjoy this issue of RecipeLion Magazine, and let me know what you think about it by commenting below with your feedback! Your input is valuable to us and can help us make improvements.


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