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Take advantage of this printable companion planting chart when you plan your vegetable garden

Dear Gardener,

As much as I love to read, sometimes a printable companion planting chart is a better option. Scientifically speaking, you only need to see something for 13 milliseconds for your brain to recognize it, according to an MIT study. Not that gardening is about speed, because it’s not. You can’t hurry nature. You can’t hurry love, either, if you believe Diana Ross and the Supremes, but that’s a topic for another blog.

You can, however, make it a bit easier on yourself to reap the benefits of companion planting. All you need is a nice, printable companion planting chart like this one! I started using this recently and it’s really helped me with questions about what goes together in the garden.

How to use your printable companion planting chart

Companion planting has many benefits. In some cases a plant like basil will deter pests from destroying your tomatoes or peppers. Other partner plants help the soil retain moisture, like squash does for corn. Still others help aerate the soil, as happens with onions and carrots.

Companion planting is also a way to grow vegetables together that appreciate similar amounts of sunlight and water. And these plants don’t compete with each other for nutrients.

This printable companion planting chart gives you over 65 combinations of partner plants, and that’s only if you plant only two of them together. If you want to combine three or more plants, you have hundreds of combinations to choose from.

For example, you could grow a small garden with tomatoes, basil, and garlic, which is really all you need for a delicious pasta sauce! And did you know that root vegetables, like radishes and carrots make great garden buddies?

To use your printable companion planting chart, simply look down the column on the left and find the vegetable you want to plant. Then look across the row to the right and you’ll see multiple options for growing plants that go well with your vegetable.

It really is an easy, visual way to plan your garden. You could even go all out and frame it for your kitchen. Just kidding. Or am I?

Do you use any kind of visual chart to keep track of your companion planting? What do you find most helpful about them? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


Amanda MacArthur,
Senior Editor & Producer
Food Gardening Network

  • Leola C.

    I went through all the steps, and I am having the same problem everyone else is having!

  • robert m.

    these books you guys say are free but i don,t have a printer and i to get them companion planting chart how to grow a vegetable garder how to master spice&herb garden at home

  • It is like a vicious circle. It keeps asking me for my email address to get my free chart.

    • Michele

      With my iPad I can press and hold the picture and save it to my photos. I hope this helps.

  • Kathy

    I did what it said to do to get the free planting chart and nothing happened. I read the other comments and it looks like no one is getting this so called Free chart. I shouldn’t be surprised nothing is Free anymore……

  • Patricia S.

    Also went through the steps and never got the free guide

  • Robyn R.

    I went through the process of asking for the companion planting chart, nothing has happened. Do you know why? Thanks

    • Amanda M.

      Hi Robyn, once you log in, it will be available right away on this page.

      • Deanna J.

        Hello love, how exactly do you log in to for this when you don’t receive an email from them?

        I have learned that if you want to get this type of information, best thing to do is get the information yourself from books at the library or asking someone, watching videos on companion planting and take notes. OH no, that means there is no easy way out for you. You still have to put in a bit more work to do your companion gardening. Nothing is easy and nothing is free from work that is worth anything.


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