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Growing tomatoes at home has never been easier—get this FREEBIE about the best way to grow tomatoes, and you’ll have answers to your questions about which types of tomatoes to grow … and how to ensure a bountiful and delicious tomato crop!

Dear Home Food Gardener,

If you want to know the best way to grow tomatoes in your home garden—the easy and fruitful way—you’ve come to the right place! Because with this FREEBIE, The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes, you have seven top tips for ensuring a successful tomato harvest from your garden.

Botanically speaking, tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are fruits—from the berry family. But for cooking purposes, tomatoes are usually treated as vegetables.

Please use this FREEBIE The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes to get started with growing your own delicious tomatoes. Whether you’re a veteran tomato grower or a beginner, you’ll find this advice valuable for ensuring your tomato growing efforts are successful.

Tip #1 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: Choose Your Tomato Variety

Tomatoes come in three main types: standard, hybrid, and heirloom. In this section of The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes, you’ll learn what the differences are, the benefits of heirloom tomatoes, and the main categories of tomatoes for consumption purposes. After all, you need to know your end game—how you want to enjoy eating your home-grown tomatoes—before you can start planning your tomato garden.

Tip #2 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: Decide Whether to Grow Your Tomatoes from Seeds or Seedlings

Getting your home tomato garden started every season includes the choice of how to grow your tomato plants—from seeds or seedlings? Find out what the benefits are of each growing method—and discover what tools you’ll need for getting started, whether you choose seeds or seedlings—when you read this FREEBIE The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes.

Tip #3 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: Ensure the Right Soil, Sun, and Fertilizer for Your Tomatoes

Having healthy tomato plants starts with having great soil in which to grow them. Learn all about compost and what ingredients you should add to compost to make your tomato plants happy! You’ll have the right soil composition for growing your tomatoes when you follow this advice.

Tomato plants need a lot of sun, too—learn how many hours of full daily sun exposure your tomato plants need. And what the sun-exposure difference is for your tomato leaves compared to the tomato fruit itself. Discover which sun is best—morning, afternoon, or evening sunlight?

Tomatoes need lots of nutrients to properly grow, and fertilizers can provide the extra nutrients that tomatoes need to grow quickly and fully. Find out exactly which mix of fertilizer is right for you tomato plants. Learn when and where to place fertilizer to optimize its effects—and learn what not to do with fertilizer, or you could harm or even kill your plants!

Get all of this specific, action-oriented advice in The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes right now!

Tip #4 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: The Right Way to Water Your Tomato Plants

The right soil and the right sun and the right fertilizer are all important, but if you don’t properly water your tomatoes, all your efforts will be lost. Learn exactly how and when to water your tomato plants to ensure healthy plants and a big harvest.

Should you use a sprinkler, a watering can, a hose, or even a drip-irrigation method? Which is best, and which can actually harm your tomato plants? Learn now in The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes.

And then there’s always the question of how much water to give your tomato plants—the right amount of water can determine how healthy your plants are and how much fruit they bear. What about cold water, fresh from the well? Will you tomato plants like well water? Maybe, but you have to do this first!

Tip #5 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: How to Avoid Tomato Rot

Blossom-end rot (BER) is a common tomato problem associated with growing conditions and BER affects the tomato fruit. Stems and leaves will show no symptoms—the rot only directly affects the fruit. The bottom side of a tomato that has rot develops a sunken, dark brown or black spot. You’ll notice tomato rot when fruit is about half its full size.

Discover the seven-step method for stopping tomato rot in the first place when you read The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes. And if your plants have already suffered from tomato rot, you get three great remedies to help get your plants healthy again — so you can enjoy more tomatoes from your garden.

Tip #6 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: How to Avoid Tomato Diseases

Tomato-plant diseases are caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses—and the diseases can spread through the soil, water, air, infected tools, animals, and even by gardeners themselves. Use these five easy-to-implement and proven techniques to avoid tomato diseases in the first place—when you read The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes.

Tip #7 for the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes: Recipe—Make the Best Roasted Tomato Sauce Ever!

Why buy tomato sauce in a jar when you can make your own with your garden-fresh tomatoes! When this dish is cooking, your house will fill with the aroma of an Italian kitchen. You can freeze this sauce and use it later, too. This recipe is so easy and will become a staple for you—you can easily memorize this quick recipe so that you can make it without having to refer to the instructions, after you’ve made it over and over again.

Plus, you get a FREE bonus recipe for making fresh salsa with all of your homegrown tomatoes! Just read The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes right now, and you’ll have instant access to these delicious dishes!


Amanda MacArthur,
Senior Editor & Producer
Food Gardening Network

P.S. Act now to get this FREEBIE The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes—it’s never too late or too early to get practical advice about growing your own tomatoes at home!

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