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How—and When—to Water Your Rosemary Plants

Watering rosemary in container

Watering rosemary in container

Rosemary prefers dry conditions and can even be drought tolerant. For that reason, it’s important not to overwater your rosemary, as that can cause root rot.

However, with its needle-like leaves that don’t wilt as broad leaves do when needing water, it can be difficult to tell exactly when your rosemary needs to be watered.

You want to water your plants evenly throughout the growing season but not too much, so a good rule of thumb is to water it every one to two weeks, depending on plant size and climate conditions,

Allow your rosemary to dry out between waterings.

Tip: Early morning is the best time of day to water your rosemary plants. Avoid watering during the evening or night.

How often do you water your rosemary plants? And what time of day do you water? Please tell us how you ensure that your rosemary plants get the right amount of water.


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