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July/August 2020 Table of Contents

Smoky grilled meats, sweet and juicy corn, and cold vanilla ice cream are the smells and flavors I love in the summer. For this July/August issue of RecipeLion Magazine, we wanted to create a guide to some of the best summer meals we could think of. You’ll find the bounty of the season in these…  READ MORE right arrow


We had the crazy idea to make a traditional cold! You just can’t resist those big slices of heirloom tomatoes and melty mozzarella cheese slices. With the addition of quinoa, this is a creative casserole that you can feel great about serving.  READ MORE right arrow
What to do with all of those fresh summer berries? You could bake something, but baking in the summer heat isn’t that much fun. We suggest this no-bake cheesecake topped with not just berries, but a tangy balsamic berry sauce. It looks and tastes impressive!   READ MORE right arrow

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