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Jan/Feb 2020 Table of Contents

Welcome to the January/February 2020 edition of RecipeLion Magazine! We want to kick this year of right, so we put together 25 of our favorite fast and healthy recipes. You'll find plenty of veggies in this issue and quick meals that are sure to please. From stress-free breakfast recipes, to game day appetizers, and weeknight recipes,…  READ MORE right arrow


There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of soup to warm up a cold night or a rainy day. This Ground Turkey and Kale Soup is especially nice because it's so healthy but still filling, thanks to the rice and turkey. Plus, you really can’t go wrong when a recipe starts with cooking shallots, carrots, celery,…  READ MORE right arrow
I love surprises. It’s just something I never get tired of! When I tried this recipe for butternut squash soup, I was a lot more than pleasantly surprised with the results — I was totally blown away! The real surprise in this recipe is the taste of…  READ MORE right arrow

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