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All Things Cherry, the Sweet and the Sour

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Are you a sweet type or a sour type? That’s not a question about your disposition, but about the types of wonderful cherries you prefer. The amazing thing about cherries is their variety, starting with their type. You can grow sweet cherries…  READ MORE right arrow
Bill Dugan
George Washington may never have chopped down a cherry tree, but it’s easy to see why that would have been such a grave misdemeanor: Cherry trees are so beautiful, and their fruit is so delicious to eat. Cherries come to us from the area that is now…  READ MORE right arrow
Ripe cherries on tree


Cherry trees
There are two types of cherries: sweet cherries (Prunus avium) and tart or sour cherries (Prunus cerasus). They cannot be used to pollinate each other, and no two of the same sweet or sour variety can pollinate each other, so if you’re interested in a self-sterile variety, you’ll have to pick a second variety of the same type for pollination.  READ MORE right arrow
Choose your cherry tree planting site carefully!]
Choosing a site for your cherry trees is an important decision. Note that site choice and care for cherry trees is the same for both sweet and sour varieties, except for pH: Sour varieties are at their best in soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0, while sweet cultivars prefer a pH of 6.3 to 7.2.   READ MORE right arrow

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