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Navaho Blackberries

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics and best uses of Navaho Blackberries, one of six Plant Profiles featured in our Blackberry Collection.

Navaho blackberries

Navaho blackberries

Navaho has great potential as the first upright, thornless blackberry having the best flavor of any blackberry. However, the berries are the smallest of all varieties. The canes should be topped at shoulder height a couple of times during the season.

  • Fruiting is not quite as plentiful as other thornless varieties of blackberry
  • Fruits are known for excellent quality and taste
  • Shows disease resistance against double blossom, a fungal disease that attacks blackberries
  • Needs no trellising

Do you grow Navaho blackberries? Which varieties do you grow? Please tell us about your Navaho blackberries.


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