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Weeding Your Potato Garden

Weeding around potatoes.

Weeding around potatoes.

Don’t let weeds get in the way of your growing plants.


The best way to deal with weeds in your potato plot is by hoeing early, before the potato plants reach 8 to 10 inches in height. After that, hoeing might damage the growing potato plants. And once the potato plants are firmly established, they are better able to compete with weeds for water and nutrients.

Sweet Potato

 Sweet potatoes are fairly laid back when it comes to weeds. Keep a close eye on the plants as they’re getting established, using a combination of rip-em-out-by-the-roots and mulch around the base of the plant. Once the plants start growing, the vines will out-compete the weeds. And just as with potatoes, avoid heavy hoeing once the plants are firmly established.

Do you have problems with weeds in your potato or sweet potato garden? How do you handle weeding—and preventing weeds in the first place? Please tell us how you handle weeds that crop up in your potato or sweet potato garden.


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