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Sweet! The All-Strawberry Guide

Please check out the brief video above, to learn what this premium gardening guide is all about—the video will give you a glimpse into all the content in this gardening guide, including history and background, planting tips, specific plant profiles, recipes, nutrition and health information, and resources to help you be the best food gardener you can be.

Welcome to the sweet world of the most beloved of berries, the strawberry! The berry we’ve come to know and love is actually the product of two different species from the Americas, so it’s a genuinely home-grown treat. You’ll appreciate the genius that…  READ MORE right arrow
Norann Oleson, Editorial Director of Food Gardening Network
"Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did." Dr. William Butler, 17th century This admiring sentiment about the lovely strawberry remains true to this day. Imagine plucking one straight from the plant, bright red, warm from the sunshine and perfectly ripened—what could…  READ MORE right arrow
Basket of fresh strawberries


USDA Hardiness Map
Strawberries (Fragaria x anannassa) are delightful fruits to grow, and they thrive in various climates. Let’s explore the recommended growing zones, examples of US states within those zones, and whether you can cultivate them indoors   READ MORE right arrow
Organic strawberries
There are three types of strawberries, each with many varieties to choose from. These types are day-neutral, everbearing, and June-bearing.  READ MORE right arrow
Planted strawberry seedlings
You can grow strawberries from seeds, but it’s much more common and effective to buy potted plants or bare roots. You can buy plants at local nurseries or box stores, but you’ll largely have to buy seeds and bare roots online.  READ MORE right arrow

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