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Please check out the brief video above, to learn what this premium gardening guide is all about—the video will give you a glimpse into all the content in this gardening guide, including history and background, planting tips, specific plant profiles, recipes, nutrition and health information, and resources to help you be the best food gardener you can be.

Welcome to the satisfying, savory world of chives! Chives are often one of those overlooked herbs. People think chives are good for nothing more than sprinkling on a baked potato. But truly, chives are greatly underestimated. And when you have them fresh from…  READ MORE right arrow
Chives should be in everyone’s herb garden. They’re easy to grow, easy to harvest, and a delicious addition to so many dishes. All it takes is a few snips to add fresh, homegrown flavor to your cooking. Chives are a hardy bulbous perennial mostly grown for their flavorful leaves…  READ MORE right arrow
Fresh chives


USDA Hardiness Map
Chives are a versatile and easy-to-grow herb, thriving in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 10. This wide range makes them suitable for many regions. Here are some examples of US states that fall within these growing zones: Zone 3: Alaska, northern states like North Dakota Zone 4: States with colder climates such as Montana and…  READ MORE right arrow
Common chives growing in garden
Common chives and Garlic chives are what you are most likely to find growing in the U.S. Siberian chives are rarer, but sometimes available from specialty seed companies or at farmers’ markets.  READ MORE right arrow
Garlic chive seedlings
You can grow chives from seeds, starts, or divisions (splits). If you have a fellow gardener with an ever-expanding chive patch, you could offer to help divide the plants and take some home for yourself.   READ MORE right arrow

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