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Oh Spring, Where Art Thou?

Get a glimpse inside our February 2021 issue from our Executive Editor Bill Dugan, who shares his thoughts and favorite articles from the magazine highlighting raspberries, scallions, and cauliflower.

Bill Dugan - Executive Editor

Bill Dugan, Executive Editor of Food Gardening Network

If you live in the northern regions of the U.S. as I do, you know how much we look forward to spring. And, for some, winter is a dreaded time. Not for me. Winter is part of Mother Nature’s regular, necessary cycle—to cleanse the environment and set the stage for the next season.

And the optimist in me says in February, “Winter is half over.”

But, let’s take time this month, not to wallow in our weariness of winter but to look ahead to spring—and plan, plan, plan!

Because garden planning is your best strategy for avoiding surprises, managing challenges as they arise later, and ensuring your food garden delivers a hearty harvest for you.

Welcome to the February 2021 issue of Food Gardening Magazine, to help you get ready for all your spring food-gardening efforts!

This issue of Food Gardening Magazine is filled with fun facts about food and lots of information about the history and background of our featured foods—raspberries, scallions, and cauliflower. Consider some of these tidbits (none of which I knew myself)!

Did you know that, botanically speaking, raspberries are not actually berries? That they are technically an aggregate of individual tiny fruits, called drupelets? And that raspberries are part of the rose plant family? Who knew!. Read all about it now.

Or did you know that there’s an age-old debate between botanists and chefs—and even among some chefs—about what exactly constitutes a “scallion?” You’ve probably seen references to “spring onions” or “green onions” and wondered “Aren’t those really just scallions?” Find out all the details about this debate and how the status of the onion bulb is a big determinant about what to call these super scrumptious items.

Or how about that cauliflower is Latin for “cabbage flower”—makes sense, right? And that cauliflower loves the sun but is finicky about the temperature (doesn’t love extreme heat or extreme cold)? Go figure! Read all about cauliflower now!

And then there are the recipes in this month’s issue—here are three of my favorites that are unique, tasty, and easy to make:

  • Chicken Thighs with Raspberry-Balsamic Sauce—Some savory dishes call out for a bit of sweetness. This five-ingredient main dish is one of them—and it’s so easy to make. The raspberry-balsamic sauce not only adds flavor, but the color also enhances the presentation, taking a simple chicken dish to the next level. Very easy and very tasty!
  • Onion & Scallion Tart—Share the bounty of your scallion harvest with a celebratory onion tart! It’s like a quiche, only more fragrant. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a main dish at brunch—or even as a dinner item with a cup of soup on a cold February evening. Get this recipe now!
  • Cauliflower Fried Rice—This low-carb option is for those who want all the flavor of Chinese fried rice but none of the guilt. Eat it as prepared, or mix it with a protein such as stir-fried chicken, and bingo—you have a healthful dinner ready to serve!

In this February 2021 edition of Food Gardening Magazine, you’ll discover lots of valuable and helpful content and advice, with some of my favorites including:

  • “Gardening with Amanda” articles—Amanda McArthur is one fabulous food gardener! She takes gardening seriously, makes it fun, and delivers some great content—including companion videos to show you, not just tell you, exactly what to do. Check out these three helpful articles, with videos, from Amanda this month:
    • 5 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners to Buy in February”: If gardening is on your mind right now and you need a short list of essential gardening tools to purchase before the spring rush, these five tools will equip you to hit the ground running. Check out this article, so you can know about the essential tools for your garden—for beginners and skilled gardeners alike!
    • Growing Microgreens: Kits vs. DIY”: Growing microgreens is a great way to scratch the gardening itch this winter, but which way is better: a store-bought kit, or the old tried-and-true take-out container filled with soil and seeds? Get Amanda’s take on the best way to grow microgreens right now, plus a full review of why growing microgreens in February can be fun and meaningful!
    • How to Make Cauliflower Crust Pizza”: Grain-free cauliflower crust pizza is the nemesis of many new cooks, but once you learn how to make cauliflower crust pizza with this trick, it will come out perfect every time! And you don’t have to be a low-carb fanatic to want to eat this pizza all the time—it’s delicious and really not that difficult to make! Get all the details from Amanda about how make this dish right now.
  • Special Collections—get full reviews and summaries of three premium collections, complete with links to the full collections that include plant-specific history and background; seed, seedling, and soil advice; tips on fertilizing, weeding, and watering; best ways to avoid plant diseases and pests; even how to treat affected plants; plant profiles that highlight some popular varieties; quick-and-easy recipes that are tasty and worthy of your table; nutrition, health, and home remedies; more food gardening resources to help your efforts; and glossary items to explain technical or unknown terms and concepts:
    • Raspberries Rule! Gardening Guide—Growing raspberries is like having a magical jewel in your garden! With the Raspberries Rule! Garden Guide premium collection, you’ll have everything you need to know about growing and enjoying this fabulous fruit. Don’t be afraid to try raspberries, because—with a little patience—you’ll have perennial bushes that yield hundreds of delicious berries every season. What a treat! This guide gives you all the details about the different varieties—and seven top-notch recipes that are delicious, healthful, and easy to make! Get it all in the Raspberries Rule! Garden Guide right now!
    • The Super Scrumptious Scallion Guide—Onions, including scallions, are the third most-consumed vegetable in the U.S.! With The Super Scrumptious Scallion Guide premium collection, you’ll learn all about how to grow scallions in your garden—including year-round! Because there’s nothing like snagging a bunch of scallions from your garden and freshly chopping them to add to any dish. What flavor! And you’ll get delicious recipes and details of all the tremendous health benefits of scallions—get it all in The Super Scrumptious Scallion Guide collection right now!
    • Marvelous Cauliflower—Cauliflower is a powerful super food, and it’s not all that difficult to grow. With the Marvelous Cauliflower premium collection, you get everything you need to know about growing your own, especially advice about ensuring the optimal temperature for your cauliflower to thrive. With this complete guide to everything cauliflower, you’ll first learn how to prepare the soil for planting and go all the way to learning how to cook some simple-to-prepare and delicious recipes—to enjoy the results of all your hard gardening work. Enjoy it all in Marvelous Cauliflower right now.

Don’t worry—spring is right around the corner. Use this month’s Food Gardening Magazine to help guide you about planning to grow and enjoy good food!

Happy gardening—and happy eating!

Bill Dugan
Executive Editor

P.S. Please enjoy this issue of Food Gardening Magazine, and let me know what you think about it by commenting below with your feedback!


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