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5 Cool Gardening Tools for the Plant-Lover in Your Life

Stuck trying to find cool gardening tools for a plant-lover who already has everything? Here are some unique and thoughtful options for the plant-lover in your life!

cool gardening tools

A basket of gardening tools

Gift-giving for the plant-lover in your life can be tricky, especially if you think they already have everything they need. Imagine your loved one opening a holiday or birthday gift with excitement and anticipation, only to unveil a 20lb bag of potting soil. Sure, it’ll be useful, but it doesn’t exactly have the wow-factor you may be looking for. I’ve put together a list of 5 cool gardening tools for the plant-lover in your life that I think are thoughtful, unique, and useful. (And are NOT a bag of dirt!)

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Mkono 2 Pack Plant Flower Succulent Watering Bottle

1. Watering Squeeze Bottles 

The gardener in your life undoubtedly has a watering can already, but these watering squeeze bottles are a lifesaver for your plant-lover’s smaller, more delicate plants. This two-pack of watering squeeze bottles gives gardeners ultimate watering control for plants like smaller succulents or seedlings that require only a bit of water at a time. The measuring marks on the bottle also allow for great precision to help prevent over-watering. 

Bucket Boss The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer

2. Bucket Boss Tool Organizer

I like this Bucket Boss because it turns any ol’ 5-gallon bucket into a tidy plant tool organizer. This is a great gift for an indoor and outdoor gardener and is an excellent storage option for small spaces. Small shovels, watering bottles, plant labels, gloves, hand rakes, and more can all fit around the inside and outside perimeter of the bucket and you can use the inner well to hold any larger items like a watering can or a small bag of potting mix. 

Metal Garden Plant Labels Plant Tags

3. Metal Plant Labels

This is another cool gardening tool for the gardener in your life that can be used indoors or outdoors. Metal garden markers and plant labels are my favorite because they’re durable, reusable, and you can write directly on them or apply a printed label. I’ve seen some folks get creative using multi-colored acrylic paint markers. Plant labels are so helpful with seedlings and vegetables as well as keeping track of your perennials between seasons. Indoors, these labels are great for recording preferred sun and watering needs.  

VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat

4. Seedling Heat Mat

My dad was a big tropical plant enthusiast, and one of the most useful tools he had was a seedling heating mat, which helps the germination process of tropical plants growing in not-so-tropical locations. He once grew Bird of Paradise plants from seed using a seedling heat mat and PATIENCE. (The germination process for those plants took six months!) A seedling heat mat is a great gardening tool for anyone who wants to grow plants from seed year-round, especially during colder winter months. 

Premium Flower Pot Hole Mesh Pad

5. Drain Hole Mesh Pads  

Watering indoor plants can be a messy chore if you haven’t prepped your pots properly. If you plug up the drain hold too much, your plants will end up overwatered and with root-rot. If you don’t obstruct the drain at all, you wind up washing away nutrient-rich potting soil, and making a mess! These little pads prevent potting mix from slipping out of indoor pots during watering. It’s such a simple solution, and the gardener you’re gifting will definitely appreciate it!

What is your go-to gift for the plant-lover in your life? I’d love to hear about your cool gardening tools and great plant-themed gifts.

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  • Well done, Amanda! As always. And I’m definitely getting a bucket boss for my Becky–how did I not think of that?!–Pat Stone

    • Amanda M.

      Thanks Pat! I love garden gadgets but the Bucket Boss is good for sooo many things around the house! We have one for gardening, one for tools, and another cleaning supplies!


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