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Planting Dill in the Ground

Dill in open ground

Dill in open ground

Dill needs six to eight hours of sunshine in order to thrive. Dill plants also need well-drained soil with a pH of 5.5 to 7.5. Dill is a light plant with hollow stems and can grow up to 4 feet high, so try to avoid planting it in a high, windy area without shelter, or stake it.

If you’re planting dill in open ground, till the soil adding organic material such as aged manure. If the soil is heavy, mix in some sand or shredded leaves to promote drainage.

Companion Planting

Dill companion planted in a container with other herbs

Dill companion planted in a container with other herbs

Dill offers benefits to many garden plants. It improves production of vegetables in the cabbage family, attracts beneficial insects such as honeybees, and can be used as a trap crop for tomato hornworms. The aroma of dill is said to repel aphids and spider mites. Dill also grows well alongside strawberries, fruit trees, sweet peppers, chilies, and thyme.

Because dill is from the same family as fennel and carrots, plant them at a distance or they will hybridize.

How do you plant your dill? What criteria for site selection has worked for you? Do you include companion plants with your dill plants? Please share your ideas with us.


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