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January/February 2022 Table of Contents

Welcome to Issue 19 of RecipeLion Magazine! This is an exciting issue for us as it marks the beginning of a partnership between RecipeLion and Food Gardening Magazine. With the Food Gardening Network’s focus on sharing the joys of growing your own favorite fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and RecipeLion’s history of creating and adapting recipes…  READ MORE right arrow


Tomato, tomahto — whichever side of the fence you’re on, one thing’s for sure: they’re perfect for making soup! Let’s not even get into whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, which is really just another reason to love this little red earthbound harvest. Of course, when it comes to tomatoes, getting the San Marzano variety…  READ MORE right arrow
Looking at my four-year-old daughter, I can’t help but miss being a kid. When the cold becomes too much, all you need to do is roll yourself into a human burrito. You don’t even need to get out of your pajamas! Life is so simple at that age when all it takes to be cozy…  READ MORE right arrow
I love surprises. It’s just something I never get tired of! When I tried this recipe for butternut squash soup, I was a lot more than pleasantly surprised with the results — I was totally blown away! The real surprise in this recipe is the taste of butternut squash blending delightfully well with Granny Smith…  READ MORE right arrow

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