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Food Gardening Magazine • July 2023

Hello summer! Welcome to the July edition of Food Gardening Magazine! Whether it's the ocean, a lake, or a favorite river, summer and water go hand in hand. For me, it's the ocean. I had the good fortune to go sailing with a friend last week. As we made our way out of the harbor,…  READ MORE right arrow
Bill Dugan

Food Gardening with Amanda

So you thought you’d just roll out of bed in July and start a garden, did you? Watch a little HGTV this weekend and decide to plant yourself a little victory garden? Considering that most veggies take 4-8 weeks to create a bounty, and the hot July sun isn’t an ideal base, you may have missed out on some opportunities for peak tomato season. But, all hope isn’t lost, because there are veggies to plant in July still, just don’t hit the snooze button again.  READ MORE right arrow
There was no small push by our team to delve into the wild world of "garden-to-glass" cocktails. Can you blame them? After all, fennel-infused cocktails are all the rage now, so you can always make fennel simple syrup. For those who love ginger, a ginger simple syrup sounds great too! For these recipes, I went…  READ MORE right arrow
In our house we call this “heaven on bread” because it is just so delicious, and in fact I came up with it originally to trick my daughter into trying avocado toast because she loves strawberries so much. Plus, you can pair it with some strawberry soda for bonus points!  READ MORE right arrow
best berries to grow
I love berries. They're fantastic snacks on their own. Many of them are great in a pie for dessert or with some yogurt and granola for breakfast. You can add them to drinks (strawberry lemonade, anyone?), and they bring a touch of sweetness to savory recipes. But with so many to choose from, which are…  READ MORE right arrow
The sight of fresh growth on my perennial herbs is my favorite time of the year. Growing your own herbs is a delightful way to add fresh flavors to your dishes and enjoy the benefits of having a garden. With the right guidance, you can create a small herb garden that will provide you with…  READ MORE right arrow
This article about a woman and her blackberry bushes was originally published in our sister publication, GreenPrints Magazine, under the title, “Mama vs. the Blackberries.” It was written by Katie Kulla. It was published originally in 2022, in GreenPrints Issue No. 129. I thought it was a perfect fit for our issue on berries, and…  READ MORE right arrow

Gardening Guide Close-Ups

When you decide to plant blueberry bushes, it can be pretty exciting. You imagine skipping the trek to the blueberry farm, and frolicking in your backyard instead, plucking plump blueberries and making pies. The thing about all these hopes and dreams is that if you don't know how to prune blueberry bushes, you might only…  READ MORE right arrow
If you’re new to growing strawberries, you might be surprised to find that a strawberry plant is not “just” a strawberry plant. Who could blame you? When you buy them at the store, they come labeled as “strawberries.” If you buy them at a farmstand, they may tell you the varietal, but that’s not always…  READ MORE right arrow
Sweet, juicy, and delightful, blackberries are one of nature's finest treats. They can also be a menace unless you know how to stop blackberry bushes from spreading.  Blackberry bushes are a common and hearty type of shrub. They also proliferate quickly, often spreading to occupy large swaths of land or garden beds. While their plentiful…  READ MORE right arrow

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