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The Oregano Grower’s Guide

Welcome to The Oregano Grower’s Guide, where we explore the wonderful world of oregano and share everything you need to know about cultivating this versatile herb. Oregano is an indispensable herb for every kitchen, offering a burst of Mediterranean flavor that can elevate…  READ MORE right arrow
Bill Dugan, Executive Editor of Food Gardening Network
Welcome to The Oregano Grower’s Guide, where you'll embark on a fascinating journey into the world of oregano. Discover the rich history of this aromatic herb and gain valuable insights into cultivating your very own oregano. Oregano, like basil, is a culinary gem that adds…  READ MORE right arrow
Fresh oregano on a wooden platter


USDA Hardiness Map
Oregano, a flavorful herb that adds a delightful zing to your culinary creations, has its own ideal growing conditions. It thrives in various climates, but if you want to cultivate this aromatic herb to perfection, consider the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones best suited for oregano  READ MORE right arrow
Oregano plant
Cultivating oregano in your home garden opens a world of savory possibilities. You'll relish the thrill of nurturing this aromatic herb, reaping its freshness right from your garden, and watching your savings flourish (store-bought oregano can be both costly and less vibrant in flavor).  READ MORE right arrow

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