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Spelt Wheat

Spelt Wheat

Spelt Wheat

Spelt Wheat

Spelt Wheat

The nutty flavor of Spelt, a subspecies of wheat, and its more tolerated form of gluten has brought this ancient grain back to the culinary and gardening forefront. Also known as hulled wheat or dinkel wheat, Spelt has been cultivated since approximately 5000 B.C.E. It is mentioned in the Bible and in Greek mythology. Spelt gluten is different from that of other types of wheat and better tolerated by those with gluten sensitivity, making it a popular substitute in bread and pasta.


  • Plant in fall for next year’s harvest
  • Hulled
  • More digestible for gluten-sensitive people
  • Nutty tasting
  • Grind to make flour for bread and pasta, or cook for soups and salads

Have you ever grown Spelt wheat? Please tell us about your experiences with Spelt.


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