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Spanish Roja Garlic

Spanish Roja Garlic

Spanish Roja Garlic

Spanish Roja Garlic

Spanish Roja Garlic

Considered to have a true garlic flavor, this hardneck variety is popular with foodies everywhere. Spanish Roja is an heirloom garlic, which means its lineage can be traced back at least 100 years. A member of the Rocambole family of garlic, Spanish Roja has a bold, spicy flavor common to the family. As with most Rocambole varieties, Spanish Roja doesn’t store as long as other types of garlic. Spanish Roja is a top choice among chefs because of its classic garlicky taste and—another characteristic of Rocambole garlic—its easy-to-peel cloves.


  • Produces eight to 10 cloves per bulb
  • Grows best in areas with cold winters
  • Has thin wrappers with purple coloring
  • Produces scapes with a milder flavor than its cloves

Have you grown Spanish Roja garlic? Do you find it easier to peel than other hardneck varieties? Please tell us about your experiences growing Spanish Roja garlic.


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