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Dujanski Garlic

Dujanski garlic

Dujanski garlic

Dujanski garlic

Dujanski garlic

Dujanski is considered a marbled purple stripe, which is a sub-variety of purple stripe garlic. This magnificent variety has violet wrappers encasing lovely purplish cloves. Dujanski garlic stores well for a hardneck variety, with a shelf life of about nine months. Impressive in all ways, this variety will be among the tallest plants in your garlic garden, growing wide, lush leaves and thick and flavorful scapes. Dujanski is known as one of the easiest types of garlic to grow, and it has a rich flavor to match its bold color and size.


  • Produces seven to 10 cloves per bulb
  • A large variety, with up to 3-inch heads
  • Has a fiery flavor with a mellow aftertaste
  • If you like a strong garlic flavor, choose Dujanski garlic for your cooking!

Have you grown Dujanski garlic? Please share your challenges or favorite tips for tending a Dujanski garlic crop.


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