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Inchelium Red Garlic

Inchelium Red Garlic

Inchelium Red Garlic

Inchelium Red Garlic

Inchelium Red Garlic

This variety is part of the artichoke garlic family, named for its layered cloves that resemble the leaves of an artichoke. Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State, it has a mild flavor at harvest time, but takes on an increasingly spicy flavor as it ages. Inchelium Red is a national taste-test winner that has white cloves with light purple blotches and white wrappers. The bulbs are sizeable with large outer cloves and smaller inner cloves. This variety is a favorite for roasting, infusing olive oil, and using in homemade salad dressings. A softneck variety, Inchelium Red garlic stores well.


  • Produces 12 to 20 cloves per bulb
  • Adapts to many different garden zones
  • Cloves are dense and heavy for their size
  • Rated a top softneck in a 1990 Rodale Kitchens taste test

Have you grown Inchelium Red garlic in your garden? Share your tips and tricks for getting a great harvest!


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