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Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile is nowhere near as prolific as German chamomile, but it still produces fragrant flowers that you can use in tea or potpourri—just not nearly as many as German chamomile. Roman chamomile grows closer to the ground: about 3 to 6 inches high with a spread of 6 to 12 inches. Roman chamomile is often used as a filler between paving stones or even as a grass replacement. It likes full sun and can tolerate less-than-perfect soil. It will spread, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your plantings.

Sun Exposure

  • Full to partial sun (six to eight hours)

Soil pH

  • 5.6 to 7.5

Hardiness Zones

  • 4 to 9


  • Sow seeds and thin to 6 to 12 inches apart
  • Plant seedlings 6 to 12 inches apart


  • Water deeply 1 inch a week when young
  • Once established let soil dry out between waterings


  • Grows 3 to 6 inches high, 6 to 12 inches wide
  • Sprawling perennial
  • Fairly drought tolerant
  • Tolerates poor soil and light foot traffic
  • Use flowers in tea, potpourri, hair rinses

Have you tried growing Roman chamomile? How do you use it? Please tell us your experiences growing Roman chamomile.


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