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Common Ginger

Common ginger

Common ginger

Common ginger

Common ginger

Botanical name: Zingiber Officinale

Other names: true ginger, Jengibre, Ginger Adrak, Kion

This is the ginger you usually find at the market. It’s the type of ginger most commonly grown for cooking, baking, making preserves, teas, and powders for homemade medicinal remedies. If your primary goal is to grow ginger to use in home recipes and remedies, this is the ideal plant for you. Since it’s the most common, it’s super easy to find. And if you’re worried about the rhizomes being sprayed with anti-growth treatment, many grocery stores now offer organic ginger as an option.  See the planting section for tips on removing growth retardant if you get standard ginger from the market or packaged ginger from a discount or dollar store.


  • Thrives in filtered sunlight
  • Can grow in pots
  • Easy to harvest and plant
  • Great for cooking, baking, preserving

Do you grow common ginger? If so, please tell us your top tips for ensuring a delicious harvest.


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