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California Late Garlic

California Late Garlic

California Late Garlic

California Late Garlic

California Late Garlic

A softneck variety, California Late is the most used garlic in the United States. This is an heirloom garlic, and it’s probably the one you buy in your local grocery store. Like other softneck garlic, California Late is a long keeper, which probably contributes to its widespread availability throughout the country. This variety is heat resistant, so it can be grown in the hottest climates in US. It can tolerate just a light frost, so it’s best to avoid this type if you live in an area with a cold winter. California Late is so easy to grow; it’s a great variety for beginner garlic farmers. This is an all-purpose garlic that, in the right conditions, will yield successful crops year after year.


  • Produces 12 to 16 cloves per bulb
  • Has a slightly hot flavor
  • Stores for up to a year
  • Very easy to grow

Do you grow California Late garlic? Please tell us about your experiences with this variety of garlic.


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