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Fuerte Avocados

Fuerte avocados

Fuerte avocados

Fuerte avocados

Fuerte avocados

Fuerte is a medium-sized avocado, slightly larger than Hass. It is pear-shaped with a unique slant to the bottom end. Considered by many to be the best-tasting avocado, Fuerte is one of the more cold-hardy varieties. The leaves have a strong anise smell when crushed, and the tree is large and spreading. Fruit set is irregular, with some trees never having much fruit and others quite productive. Trees may produce an adequate crop every other year depending on weather at fruit setting time, and other factors. Fruit set improves when interplanted with Type A trees.


  • Type B
  • Weighs 6 to 12 ounces
  • Has smooth, green, medium-thin skin that peels easily
  • Flesh is dense and pale green in color, marginally oily
  • Flavor is rich and creamy with notes of hazelnut

Do you grow Fuerte avocados, with or without another variety? Please tell us about your experiences growing Fuerte.


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