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Sir Prize Avocados

Sir Prize avocados.

Sir Prize avocados.

Sir Prize avocados.

Sir Prize avocados.

Sir Prize is a Mexican hybrid that is similar to Hass. It is highly sought after for its large fruit and small seed, having the most flesh-to-seed ratio of any commercial avocado. Fruit is pear-shaped, like the Hass, and is often mistaken for a Hass. The tree is also upright in form, and is a cold-hardy variety that makes its fruit available in late fall through winter, capable of growing in colder climates than the Hass.


  • Type B
  • Weights 10 to 20 ounces
  • Has thinner, less-pebbled skin than Hass, which is almost black when it’s ripe
  • Skin is easy to peel from the flesh, which has a buttery, high-oil texture
  • Flavor is nutty and sweet

Have you ever tried growing Sir Prize avocados in a slightly colder climate than most avocados? Please tell us your best tips for growing Sir Prize.


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