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Chesnok Red Garlic

Chesnok Red Garlic

Chesnok Red Garlic

Chesnok Red Garlic

Chesnok Red Garlic

“Chesnok,” which means “garlic” in Russian, is a variety of purple stripe garlic, a group named for the purplish stripes that adorn its skin and the wrappers on its cloves. Originating in the Republic of Georgia, Chesnok Red is a hardneck garlic that grows well in almost any climate. You can plant it in areas with hard winters, but it might not thrive in very hot, humid conditions. Showy purple stripe garlic is considered the most beautiful of the garlic families, and the Chesnok Red variety lives up to its name with its gorgeous, purple striped skin and creamy white cloves.


  • Produces eight to 12 cloves per bulb
  • Has a potent, spicy flavor that remains after cooking
  • Great for roasting and using as a spread on crackers or bread
  • Garlic lovers will enjoy using this variety in their everyday cooking

Do you grow Chesnok Red Garlic? If so, please tell us your top tips for ensuring a delicious harvest.


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