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Buckskin Hard Red Winter Wheat

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics and best uses of Buckskin wheat, one of nine Plant Profiles featured in our Wheat Collection.

Buckskin Hard Red Winter Wheat

Buckskin Hard Red Winter Wheat

Buckskin is a moderately disease and insect resistant winter wheat that matures somewhat early and produces a high yield in a variety of environments. Its plump, hard red berries are high in protein and gluten making Buckskin good for bread baking as well as eating the berries as a whole grain.


  • Plant in the fall for next summer/fall harvest.
  • Disease and pest resistant
  • Awn color varies from white to black, depending on the season
  • Produces high yield in a variety of environments
  • Good for bread baking or eaten as a whole grain

Have you ever tried growing Buckskin wheat? Are there any challenges you face growing it? Please tell us your best tips for growing Buckskin.


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