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Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (Butterhead)

In this Plant Profile, get specific details, including the characteristics of Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, one of the Plant Profiles featured in our Lettuce Collection.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson lettuce has been delighting people for over 150 years with its tender and delicately flavored leaves. The leaves are ruffled and bright green. Simpson is considered one of the best lettuce varieties for early spring sowing.

Sun Exposure

  • Full to partial sun (six to eight hours)

Soil pH

  • 6.2 to 6.8

Hardiness Zones

  • 4 to 9


  • Thin to 8 inches apart
  • Plant rows 12 inches apart


  • Water deeply 1 inch a week; do not let soil dry out


  • Sow every two weeks for an extended harvest
  • In late summer, sow in an area that stays below 75 degrees F
  • Keep plants well-watered
  • Mulch with compost or clean straw to retain soil moisture
  • Pick lettuce early rather than late; overripe lettuce is bitter
  • Harvest in the morning when leaves are crisp and full of moisture

Have you ever grown Black Seeded Simpson lettuce? Please tell us about your experiences with Black Seeded Simpson lettuce.


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