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The Right Sunlight for Your Kumquat Plants

Kumquats in sunlight

Kumquats in sunlight

Kumquats grow best in the ground, in full sun. They need at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day to develop healthy roots; they prefer eight to 10 hours. If you grow your kumquat trees indoors, make sure they have the sunniest spot in the house. Coming up short on sunlight? Have a grow light handy to keep your trees happy and healthy.

A southern exposure is best. If you can’t manage that, then an east- or west-facing window will do; but you’ll likely want to supplement your tree’s sunlight with a grow light. If you’re growing your kumquat tree in a container, be sure to put it outside whenever possible; leave it outside if you can. The only time you’ll really need to bring it indoors is if there’s a serious threat of frost.

If you have your trees growing in containers, it’s also a good idea to have that container on wheels so you can just roll your tree to where it needs to be to get the best sun. If you’re planting your tree outside, survey your planting area to make sure you’ve chosen a spot that gets enough sun. Measure twice, plant once.

How do you ensure that your kumquat trees get the right amount of sunlight? Do you have tips for getting your kumquats planted in the right spot for proper amounts of sun? Please tell us how you handle sunlight for your kumquats.


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