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Pollinating Blueberry Plants

Blueberry flowers

The good news is that most blueberry plants can self-pollinate because they have both male and female parts. But, the pollen is sticky and heavy, so the plants need help to get fertilized. That’s where our friend the bee comes in. Bees are essential to help blueberry plants produce fruit. Without bees, your harvest will be meager.

Some varieties of blueberry are more self-fertile than others. Your best bet to get a good haul at the end of the season is to have at least two different species of plants of the same type. For instance, you want to pair northern highbush varieties with each other. Pairing rabbiteye with northern highbush plants will be better than planting them alone.

One benefit of cross-pollinating your blueberry plants? Bigger berries.

Have you cross-pollinated your blueberry plants? Or do you rely on your blueberries to self-pollinate? Please share your experience with pollinating your blueberries.


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