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Choosing a Variety of Garlic to Plant

Hardneck garlic variety, whole and split

When choosing which type of garlic to plant, think about your climate first. If you’re in a cooler area, a hardneck variety is probably best, although varieties like the silverskin do well in cool climates, too. If you’re in a warmer climate, you can grow hardneck and softneck varieties.

Hardneck Recommendations

Purple Stripe: This family of garlic includes many varieties that are well suited for general use.
Dujanski: If you like a strong garlic flavor, choose Dujanski garlic. Easier to peel than some other hardnecks.
Chesnock Red: This is a good choice for many climates and is known for its smooth flavor.
German Red: This garlic has a strong, spicy flavor and is one of the hardnecks that is relatively easy to peel.
Spanish Roja: Many chefs use this variety because it has a true garlic flavor.

Softneck Recommendations

Silverskin: This family of garlic includes many varieties that have long shelf lives and moderately strong flavors.
Inchelium Red: This is known for its mild flavor; a great choice if you like roasted garlic.
California Early: This variety matures early in the season; it has large cloves and a mild flavor.
California Late: This is the most commonly used garlic in the U.S. It has a slightly hot flavor.

Do you have a favorite garlic variety that you grow? Which varieties have you tried, and which work best in your garden? Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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